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Learning to navigate the challenges in a constructive and beneficial manner produces a confident, well-adjusted person. I provide complementary therapy approaches to improve overall functioning to couples and individuals.

My experience is preparing couples for marriage, helping couples identify critical areas of need and resolution as well as individuals transitioning to single life after divorce. Whether it is repairing the damage of an affair, blended family issues,  or you can't understand how your spouse became your roommate, understanding your core issues is step one. Life transitions impact our daily functioning and the stress may be overwhelming. Understanding the challenges, behavior patterns, and developing a plan for improved functioning will decrease the stress that often leads to depression and anxiety.

A special area of treatment includes individuals suffering from chronic health conditions, including infertility. I have extensive experience and research working with women suffering from unexplained infertility, endometriosis and other reproductive associated illnesses. Have your bundle of joy now and suffering from overwhelming feelings due to new responsibilities and trying to manage your new life as a parent? Learning new ways to handle this transition will help you manage your emotions. Happier and Healthier.

If you are looking for support and guidance for challenging situations contact Van Pelt Counseling Center.

Tracy Crudup is also a Tennessee Supreme Court Listed Rule 31 Mediator. If you are in need

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